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Heute Hier Morgen Dort - eine Übersetzung ins Englische

Heute Hier Morgen Dort - eine Übersetzung ins Englische

Ich singe das Lied (“Heute Hier, Morgen Dort” von Hannes Wader) gern und tanze durch die Wohnung, während mein Kind auf dem Rücken einschläft. Jetzt fahren wir bald nach England. Dort will ich es in Englisch singen.

 Today here, tomorrow there
 Barely arrived, I leave somewhere
 But I never had any complaint.
 I myself chose this way
 Never counting a day
 Never asked for the time anyway

Sometimes my dreams are so sad
that I wish that I had
heart to stay at one place
with other hardships to face
all years pass, without pause,
there is one driving force
nothing stays nothing stays as it was

But I don't leave you sad
after a day you forget
me as I travel off to a place
Without worries I run
It might be that someone
can remember the look on my face


 But if you do ask me why, {possibly Cockney dialect for this and the next lines}
 do I do things this way? {way like why}
 Oh, the answer is too hard to say  {s a y - a like in shy}
 what's new whithers at last
 what was right in the past
 May be wrong, you watch out, any day

Text Purgatory:

[Once] [I feel home]

living year after year
it appears to be clear that
nothing stays,
nothing stays that is dear {erm... wrong translation: as it was - but this is more sad!}

that I am hardly missed
soon I am off your list

that you will not miss me

That you don't miss me much,
forget me once out of touch

[I can't speak if I try,]
[all the young things get old]
['cause what's new will get old]
[and what we have fortold]
[may be wrong from this date, anyway]