Nicco Kunzmann

Lieder & Gedichte

Let me judge you through the flower of honesty

Let me judge you through the flower of honesty

Hey you there,
I do not like you.
You are not conform to the system.
But there is a pretty way of saying what I mean:

You are a water melon:

I could talk to you
but I don’t have to.
There is an enemy indoctrinated,
So I will label you.
What good is talking to you if
I don’t? You see …

You are a right-winger:

I dispise what is human in you
Because it reminds me of myself.

I have not killed your wife,
I just do not care.
Someone from my country pulverized
Your child? But not me, you see …
Let me say it through the flower!

You are a terrorist:

And you label me as enemy?
How dare you do not see that I am
different and you are all the same!

With this poem, I hope you can see the other side.