Nicco Kunzmann

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Will the Siege Line be Unbroken

Will the Siege Line be Unbroken

This song is a Starcraft II fan adaptation of “Will the Circle be unbroken”.

C                      C7
will the siege line be unbroken 
        F              C
bye bye locusts by and by
C                C7
there's a mu-ta-lisk awaiting 
       C      G      C
in the sky up in the sky

[Verse 1]
I was sitting by a tower
on a cold and cloudy day, 
when I saw the tanks come rolling
for to take my bases away.


[Verse 2]
So I told the siege tank driver
siege tank driver please drive slow
for these bases you are heading for - 
oh I'd hate to see them go.


[Verse 3]
So I flew there - right behind them
tried to harass them and be brave
but I could not hold my sorrow
when they stimmed them to their grave.


[Verse 4]
I went back home to my buildings - 
my expansions almost gone
where my swarmhost eggs were lying, 
and in seconds almost done

[CHORUS singen - ende einspielen]

[Verse 5]
All the drones turned into crawlers
we built all that made us strong
did what master players told us
hear the casters sing along