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How to develop applications on Android

How to develop applications on Android

Since I will be on the move for some time, I will mainly use my Android phone to develop applications. In this post, I would like to show the tools I use to work as a developer on Android.


I am usung a Samsung GT-I9100 running Lineage OS 16 with a 32GB SD-Card.


So, here is a list of tools I use to develop applications.


I reaally appcreiate the typing speed of the Bluetooth keyboard. One can swith languages to EN_US, to allow typing some brakets and slashes more easily.



Termux is a terminal application. There, I have access to


FastHub-libre allows me to cnnect to my GitHub account and open issues and more.

Programming Environments

There are severeal kinds of allications which an be developed on the phone.

GitHub/GitLab Pages

GitHub and GitLab pages are an easy way to host the website online and develop it on the Android phone.

You need

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