Nicco Kunzmann


Calling Progamming Communities to the Hour of Code

Calling Progamming Communities to the Hour of Code

Dear Progamming language communities,

Programming has been becomming main stream for about four years, now. It is taught to children in a playful way, starting with the Hour of Code. At least in Germany, England and the USA, Hour of Code is strong. Worldwide programming initiatives like CoderDojo use Hour of Code.

I am seeing Imperative Programmig languages used in almost all tutorials. I am missing LISP, Haskell, Prolog, Smalltalk, languages that shaped my thinking and I am grateful to know their concepts.

I fear:

Here is my call:

Please create an hour of code in your language for the sake of humanity’s diversity of thinking in programming languages.

Filled with children, the train is arriving. Hop on, do not miss it.