Nicco Kunzmann


Fix OLSR "jsoninfo" plugin not loaded

Fix OLSR "jsoninfo" plugin not loaded

OLSR Daemon

Unable to connect to the OLSR daemon! Make sure that OLSRd is running, the “jsoninfo” plugin is loaded, configured on port 9090 and accepts connections from “”.

How to resolve this

  1. Connect to your router
    ssh root@frei.funk
  2. find the jsoninfo plugin
    root@frei.funk:~# find / | grep

    The version numer 1.1 is important to know.

  3. Edit the file /var/etc/olsrd.conf
    vi /var/etc/olsrd.conf
  4. Go to a blank line and press i.
  5. Insert this text:
      LoadPlugin ""
    PlParam "accept" ""

Note that I am using the version number 1.1 here. You may have a different one in Step 2.

  1. Save the file: Press Escape, then :q and Enter.
  2. Now you can restart the router.

If this did not work, chances are, somehing went wrong. In this case, you can look at OLSR debuggen.

You may also want to change the file /etc/config/olsrd.conf.