Nicco Kunzmann


Patriarchy - a system of destruction.

Patriarchy - a system of destruction.

Within the system of patriarchy, both men and women are patriarchal.

As it is a system, it does not only consist of humans.

A: There are different grades of tea.
B: As I understand, the tea does not judge itself, humans do.

However, it is the grade of the tea, the tea is unaware of that helps it spread.

I wonder if in all humility I can say that as humans, we are in control and the tea has no saying in it. It might be, it is in the system as we are.

To see it as if humans have control over the tea is something that humans think. Ask yourself what the tea would think: We are slavers growing it? The language of life focusses on interconnection, not force and dominance. With it, you become aware of the dependencies and problems.

Within the system of patriarchy, both men and women are patriarchal. - Miki Kashtan

Patriarchy has spread to the plants as impotent food. It has spread to the realm of thought as patents and intellectual property.

What is a problem? It occurs to me that originally, it consists of probe and lemma. Which in combination mean a demonstration, test or proof which is taken for granted. For todays meaning I would add that one challenges it. It might occur that the challenge makes it a problem. By symmetry of language and reception, I could also say that taking something for granted creates problems.

Why do I search the past for meaning? Because we tend to use words with their old meaning. These words are interconnected. Then, we add by context meaning to it until most people use the word with the additional meaning. The old meaning may still be findable in the interconnections of its origin.

By loosing the origin and with it the interconnections, we loose one way to express to the purest what we think. There might be so many nuances to it which are hard to keep track of. Thus language might be a way to disconnect from eachother. With looking at a words past, I hope to get more insight into its connections to meaning.

I also think about the evolution of the meaning. In the book “Where good ideas come from”, they made a link between the size of cities and the creativity of those living in it. With the internet and the growing population, we have a tramendous increase in creativity. With this, I can assume that most added meaning of words occurred in the recent decades. Tracing back a word to the origins may not only give us a hint of what it meant at the time it was used e.g. by the Romans but maybe also a glimpse on what it could have meant before, if we look at the context.

Of cause, culture can not be transferred by a word. But having the awareness helps me with present talking. I hope that the awareness allows me to keep my mind open to the unkown and understand it faster.

What is symmetry of language and reception?

Taking the word “problem” as an example: By saying something is a problem, I make myself an actor inside the word problem: “demonstration” is a process which requires someone to recieve the demonstration. If now, I think, I can reason about the problem without looking at what I contribute to the meaning, I might come to half conclusions. Furthermore, I may focus on the aspects which are not inherent to what I would like to describe but more part of the meaning I added.

So, applying the symmetry, you can focus on your part of the meaning. Letting yourself out of thinking is unthinkable by itself. In this sense, objectivity is not a reduced self-influcene but the awareness of ones part in the stated.

I call it symmetry, because we can turn it around. As with the tea: Do we use the tea or does the tea use us? This is not a question of actual behavior. This is pure language and thought. If we can not agree on either, we can change how we say it to make it symmetrical. We can fight battles on the grounds of pure language but how does it nurture life?

I hope to use symmetries to compact my knowledge. With less words for the same, I hope to have less time thinking and more time living. While applying symmetries, I might be able to raise awareness to what drives my thought into circles.

Why the title?

Patriarchy - a system of destruction.

In this writing, I showed that we make up divisons in our minds and actively observe them into reality. As the opposite of construction which puts parts together as a whole, these made-up divisions take the whole apart, divert from the whole and de-focus/re-focus. In being forgiving to these concepts, embracing their motivation and fear I hope to turn them around to life and construction.