Nicco Kunzmann


Война Против Мысли

Война Против Мысли

There is a war on thoughts going on. Here is what I mean with war:

This is related to “old money” fighting to keep its power.

Now, the form that it takes:

In schrang1, we can see that Youtube broadened its terms, widened its power to choose which alternative media it wants to support. Relating this to The Red Web, this is similar to a steps the Russian government took: Broadening the legislation to intimidate Internet Service Providers, to foster censorship.

Youtube changed the content guidelines for “Advertiser Friendliness” i.e. money friendliness.

“Money friendliness” is not the whole picture. It is “power friendliness”.

Other form of Youtube’s power:

Please answer this question:

How can one report on Youtube when states use violence against (their) people?

Two articles on an open culture being ripped apart: