Nicco Kunzmann


How can we deal with this? vs. Who is right?

How can we deal with this? vs. Who is right?

Who is right?

Is the question of who is right a question for authority?

Suppose there is no objectivity. There might be agreeable facts but no objectivity. In fact, people do sometimes not agree about the obvious. They percieve situations differently. In a conflict, people may disagree with the obvious because agreeing can be an advantage for the opponent.

What they tend to do when asking, “Who is right?”, is go to court. Court is a third instance of authority which they both acknowledge. The court decides based on the law - a third party “Who is right?”. If the third partie’s “Who is right?” does not match one of the two parties “Who is right?”, at least one party is not satisfied.

If there is no such third party authority, there is no way to create such an accepted, maybe dissatisfying solution.

How do we deal with this conflict?

Another question is “How do we deal with this conflict?” - We is the people who have the conflict. So, I just recently watched videos about mediation and it seems to be a process that allows both parties


Even if there is a third party like the court, parties can turn to mediation to create a solution they both can live with.